Ad-tech company Nexd partners with Scope3 to validate CO₂ savings for programmatic creatives


Nexd Collaborates with Scope3 to Measure CO₂ Savings in Programmatic Advertising

As climate change accelerates, the digital advertising sector faces growing scrutiny for its environmental impact. Nexd’s innovations is a solution to this challenge, aligning with global sustainability goals and offering brands a competitive edge in environmentally responsible advertising.

In a world where digital presence is indispensable, making that presence sustainable is crucial. One of the base functions of Nexd’s approach to saving CO₂ for advertisers is its advanced compression technology. Traditional digital ads often consume large amounts of data, leading to higher energy use during delivery. Nexd’s proprietary technology addresses this issue by compressing ad files by up to 70%, drastically reducing their size and, consequently, the energy required to transmit and display them. This not only benefits the environment but also enhances user experience with faster loading times and smoother interactions.

Accurate Sustainability Metrics with Scope3 Integration

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Transparency in environmental impact is critical for companies committed to sustainability. Recognizing this, Nexd has integrated Scope3 data into its platform, enabling advertisers to measure the CO₂ emissions of their campaigns accurately.

“Incorporating Scope3 data into Nexd’s platform underscores the efficiencies that their solution delivers to advertisers. By measuring creative emissions with Scope3, Nexd empowers advertisers to make informed decisions that can not only enhance campaign efficiency but also reduce data and energy consumption”, said Anne Coghlan, COO and co-founder at Scope3.

This feature provides brands with the insights needed to make informed decisions about their advertising strategies and additional assurance to the stakeholders that the numbers reported are accurate.

Impact Without Compromise

The traditional trade-off between environmental impact and ad performance is a challenge that many advertisers face. Nexd’s solution ensures that brands do not have to compromise on creative quality or campaign effectiveness to meet their sustainability goals. Despite the reduced file sizes, Nexd’s technology maintains the richness and engagement of ad creatives, ensuring that environmental gains do not come at the expense of creative performance. This applies both to new rich-media and video ads, as well as optimizing existing HTML5 creatives.

A CTA for the Industry

Nexd’s work on reducing data transfer via creative weight reduction is a call-to-action for the digital advertising industry. It demonstrates that technology can and should be leveraged to address sustainable advertising challenges. As more companies recognize the importance of such practices, solutions like those offered by Nexd will become increasingly critical in turning the industry greener.

Nexd’s efforts to minimize the environmental impact of digital ads, while maximizing their effectiveness could very well inspire an industry-wide shift towards greener, more responsible advertising practices. For companies looking to stay relevant on the market, embracing such technologies is not just good ethics—it’s good business.