AI Pioneer Intent IQ Boosts Advertising Campaign Performance for Involved Media With Cookieless Alternative ID and Activation Suite


Intent IQ, a privacy-forward next-generation identity resolution leader, announced the results of a new partnership with Involved Media, a global full-service independent media agency. As a result of Involved Media’s ongoing pursuit of efficient and measurable scalability, Intent IQ provided the agency’s client with an increase of 77% new leads from iOS or Safari users and decreased the campaign’s cost per lead by 71% compared to previous flights.

Intent IQ provided Involved Media with its complete cookieless activation and attribution suite powered by Intent IQ ID (IIQ ID), the company’s AI advanced alternative ID powering Bid Enhancement encompassing over 80,000 publisher sites and providing privacy-safe addressability to more than 180 million cookieless users in North America on iOS, Safari and other cookieless browsers, devices and apps.

While intended to protect privacy, the deprecation of third-party cookies raises challenges for advertisers and media companies, primarily in iOS and Safari environments, reducing the effectiveness of audience data and decreasing the performance of mid and lower-funnel programmatic campaigns. As third-party cookies continue their phase out, advertisers will need to adopt new privacy-safe solutions to increase campaign performance and maintain scale.

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Involved Media’s campaign, which was executed over the course of two months with Intent IQ’s end-to-end activation and attribution suite, included the proven Intent IQ solutions of:

  • Onboarding advertiser first-party data
  • Building cookie and cookieless-based look-alike audiences
  • Audience activation with Deal IDs on the client’s preferred DSP
  • Full-funnel attribution across devices, emphasizing cookieless environments

The advanced end-to-end solution suite, fueled by IIQ ID—which is based on the company’s proprietary and patented distributed identity technology with deterministic accuracy of more than 90%—simplified the process of deploying the campaign and measuring the results.

“This is a pivotal time for our industry,” said Roy Shkedi, Chairman of Intent IQ. “Companies that have relied heavily on third-party cookies must find new solutions quickly if they hope to remain relevant in a cookieless future. Advertisers must now bring together many moving parts to deliver and measure a cookieless campaign, and that burden is impossible without an advanced end-to-end suite for audience mapping, onboarding, activation, and attribution. Our partnership with Involved Media shows how our AI-powered technology suite easily enables advertisers to reach cookieless audiences at cost-effective scale, resulting in a dramatic increase in leads generated at a significantly decreased cost per lead.”

“Our approach to media blends data, insight, and hands-on testing to improve advertising outcomes that support brand growth,” said Shukmei Wong, SVP, Omnichannel Media, at Involved Media. “By working with Intent IQ we efficiently build scale and drive performance while overcoming signal loss challenges. The accuracy of their identity-based audience targeting is only matched by the team’s dedication to our business.

SOURCE: GlobeNewsWire