Brandwatch Accelerates into the Social Customer Care Space with the Launch of Case Management


Brandwatch, the leader in social media intelligence, unveils Case Management within its social media suite. This innovative feature empowers brands to transition from community management to comprehensive customer care, fostering deeper customer relationships and boosting brand loyalty.

Brandwatch’s new Case Management transforms how social media managers, community managers, and customer care teams handle service requests. With the ability to seamlessly convert customer inquiries into actionable cases, Brandwatch empowers teams to deliver exceptional customer care at the speed of social.

Empowering Customer Care with Advanced Capabilities

The introduction of Case Management brings several powerful benefits to Brandwatch users:

  • Effortless Case Creation: Easily convert social media messages into trackable cases, with all relevant information for efficient resolution.
  • Enhanced Team Collaboration: Seamless team collaboration with features that make it easy to assign cases, delegate tasks, and keep everyone in the loop.
  • AI Powered Assistance: Improve customer response times with Iris, Brandwatch’s AI writing assistant, which suggests relevant and on-brand responses to customer inquiries.
  • Comprehensive Case Overview: View all relevant information at a glance, with a comprehensive case overview, powered by AI-based solutions to prevent missed inquiries and ensure clear, timely responses.

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“Social media has become such a critical touchpoint for customer service,” said Michael Amsinck, Chief Product Officer. “Customers increasingly expect prompt and personalized responses to their inquiries on social platforms. With Case Management, we’re arming brands with the tools they need to not only listen and respond, but to own the entire customer care journey on social media.”

Brandwatch is dedicated to bringing brands closer to their customers and helping them succeed in the evolving digital landscape. With the launch of Case Management, Brandwatch empowers companies to scale and refine their operations with efficiency and precision.