Deep Sync Launches New Lookalike Audience Building Capabilities for Social Media Campaigns


Deep Sync, a leading provider of omnichannel identity and data solutions, has launched a new AI-powered lookalike audience builder inside its Deep Sync One platform. Now, users can seamlessly leverage insights from their current customer data to identify new prospect audiences with similar qualities.

Deep Sync One’s Lookalike Audiences deploy AI and machine learning to help clients use their own first-party customer data as a seed for modeling, providing a powerful tool to scale advertising efforts while maintaining audience quality. This process helps marketers achieve better results by focusing on individuals more likely to engage with their brand, leading to more effective marketing campaigns. Lookalike Audience modeling allows marketers to more efficiently find new customers with similar qualities to their current best customers.

“It’s increasingly difficult for marketers to build and activate a single, high-performing audience across multiple platforms. The lookalike audiences available in Deep Sync One make it easy to reach the same, exact lookalike audiences across social channels. We’re excited to bring this new feature to our customers.” — Pieter De Temmerman, CEO, Deep Sync.

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Deep Sync’s approach to lookalike modeling uses AI and machine learning to generate demographically focused consumer profiles where matches can be made between users’ first-party data and Deep Sync’s fully deterministic identity graph. These profiles inform new prospect audiences with similar demographic attributes in the closest geographic distance to a marketer’s current customers.

Deep Sync’s modeling capabilities, rooted in offline data, make these lookalike audiences highly accurate. Using Deep Sync’s data assets—which span consumers, residents, businesses, students, new movers, new homeowners, and more—these lookalike audiences leverage Deep Sync’s nationwide consumer dataset featuring more than 260 million records. This privacy-safe dataset is 100% compliant with U.S. privacy rules and regulations and includes 199 attributes that can be used for matching, enrichment, and targeting.

To build a lookalike audience, make a free Deep Sync One account. Navigate to “Lookalike Audiences” and upload a customer file. Users can customize their lookalike audiences to meet their specific needs by adjusting the strength of the match and the audience size. Once the audiences are configured, they can be delivered via direct integrations to Meta and TikTok, and other popular social destinations via Deep Sync’s LiveRamp partnership.