NinjaCat Launches AI Insights Generator: A New Era for Automated Marketing Reporting at Scale


NinjaCat, the AI-enabled data and analytics platform made for marketing, announced the launch of its AI Insights Generator.

The AI Insights Generator automates the creation of narrative-based summaries, transforming raw data into compelling, easy-to-understand stories. Integrated directly within NinjaCat’s reporting platform, this cutting-edge feature allows data analysts and client success teams to produce high-quality, insightful reports more efficiently.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Automated Narrative Creation: Data analysts can now automate data storytelling, which clearly explains campaign performance through enriched natural-language analyses.
  • Enhanced Client Reporting: Client success teams will benefit from tailored, client-centric narratives that enhance understanding and decision-making, fostering deeper client relationships.
  • Efficiency and Scalability: This tool supports high-volume reporting and integrates seamlessly with existing NinjaCat tools, ensuring a consistent and streamlined workflow across all reports.

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“Our AI Insights Generator is a transformative tool designed to not only save time but also elevate the standard of data-driven storytelling in marketing reports,” said Paul Deraval, CEO of NinjaCat. “We’re proud to offer this feature at no extra cost to our customers, reinforcing our commitment to their success and innovation in the marketing industry.”

The AI Insights Generator is available now to all NinjaCat reporting customers as part of their existing subscription, with no additional fees, underscoring NinjaCat’s commitment to providing value and supporting its users’ growth.