SOCi Unveils SOCi Chat, Enhanced AI-Powered Chatbot for Multi-Location Businesses


SOCi, Inc., the CoMarketing Cloud for multi-location enterprises, announced the release of SOCi Chat, an updated AI-powered chatbot designed to revolutionize customer interactions for multi-location businesses. This enhanced version of our previous SmartBot delivers immediate, localized responses across multiple platforms, including Facebook, SMS, SOCi Pages, and local websites, with a single corporate setup.

SOCi Chat harnesses the power of generative AI to provide human-like, conversational responses that deliver a better customer experience. This solution is designed to provide customers with quick and accurate answers to their inquiries, significantly improving engagement and satisfaction.

SOCi Chat is deeply integrated across our platform, offering a comprehensive techstack where customers have a direct channel to connect with local brands, directly on the website for each specific location. SOCi Chat’s hyper-localized approach addresses unique FAQs and inquiries for each location, freeing up staff to focus on higher-value tasks. With intelligent alerts, SOCi Chat will notify human agents only when necessary, ensuring a seamless transition between AI and human support.

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“SOCi Chat represents a significant leap forward in how multi-location businesses can engage with their customers,” said Falk Gottlob, Chief Product Officer at SOCi. “By leveraging advanced AI capabilities, we are able to deliver precise, localized responses more efficiently. This not only enhances customer satisfaction but also optimizes operational workflows by allowing staff to dedicate their efforts to more complex and valuable tasks.”

Key Features and Benefits

  • Omnichannel Chatbot: Deploy SOCi Chat across all locations for immediate, AI-powered responses on Facebook Messenger, SMS, and local pages.
  • Authentic Conversations: Combine AI and localized data to create natural, personalized, and engaging interactions with customers.
  • Dynamic, Location-Specific Responses: Provide location-specific answers with one chatbot setup using dynamic fields.
  • Unified Customer Experience on SOCi: Seamlessly integrate SOCi Chat with other SOCi products like Pages and Surveys for a more brand-aligned, impactful, and efficient experience.